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Celebrate the Winter Olympics

      I live in an area where the seasons change.  I know many of you live in areas where it is fairly warm all of the time, but I thought everyone could have our cold weather experience by joining the staff at The Den in this year’s first Knit Along and a fun competition.  Sooooo, The Stitchin’ Den is off to the races or, rather, off to the games.

We can’t go to PyeongChang, but we can compete.  What is more fun for crafters than a little friendly competition?  The staff at The Den thought of this fun competition and it is outline below. So scroll down.

We have two new Knit Alongs.  One is beginning in March and the next one is in April.  The great thing about doing a Knit Along with The Stitchin’ Den is you get free in person support.

It is supposed to be a weather filled weekend in Estes Park.  Sunshine, warm temps, wind and a snow storm.  All in 48 hours.  What a perfect weekend for us to kick off our free weekend workshops.  This weekend is craft tasting.  Stop in and see what all the commotion is about.

I was at my Weight Waters meeting this morning and someone shared that the reason why members were so successful was because they came to meetings and knew they weren’t alone in their journey.  Made me realize that that is true for so many things.  We aren’t alone unless we chose to be.  Our learning new crafts, techniques and projects is much more fun when we do it together.


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