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165 Virginia Dr, Estes Park, CO  80517

Open daily 10 am - 5 pm


Susan Mock
Susan is the owner of the Stitchin’ Den. An experienced and avid knitter, Susan is heart of the Stitchin’ Den.  Her enthusiasm and genuine love of all things fiber is evident in the lively and warm atmosphere of the shop. There is always something new to see or technique to share along with a warm welcome. Susan, a believer in life-long learning, often teaches classes at the shop.

elaine davis
Elaine loves to make the beautiful displays in the shop. Elaine learned to knit at an early age from her aunt. She has a kitten that loves yarn almost as much as her! She loves working at the shop because it is beautiful and full of inspiring merchandise in so many textures and colors. She really likes to help you when you are stuck on your project. So next time you get into a pickle come in and ask Elaine for help. She is also our charity knitter. She always has a charity gift on her needles.

Paula Koerner
Paula teaches the Block of the Month class and is excited that it will continue into next year. Paula is very passionate about knitting and is excited about the opportunity to share that with other knitters. Stay tuned to see what else Paula will be teaching next year. Paula always has several things on her needles.

Kathy Mendt
Kathy loves to meet you and see what you are working on when you visit the trailer stash. She is an avid reader and if you need a good read Kathy can give you some helpful advice. Felted backpacks are her favorite thing to knit. But she needs some inspiration from you because she doesn’t have anything on her needles right now!  So come visit her and show her your latest completed project.

​Pati Miller
Pati, our newest staff member, has been sewing and embroidering since age 12, making formal wear (including wedding dresses) and home decoration items. She has crocheted for most of her life & quilted for the past several years. She is new to knitting. Meet her in our our Quilter’s Den, now open in Estes Park!

Alison Power
Alison is a social knitter. She loves to attend every knitting group she can fit into her busy schedule! Alison enjoys buying yarn just as much as knitting and she loves to knit quirky things. You know, things like a wig, a thong, and a cat doorstop! She loves working at the shop because she loves seeing all of you. Right now Alison is in love with our new MJ yarn and is knitting socks in different ways (double points, magic loop, 2 circulars, 1 at a time, two at a time, toe up, top down).  She can teach you how to knit sock any which way even upside down!

Kathy Schaps
Kathy usually teaches our Beginning Knitting classes. She is so sweet, kind and patience you will love to have her as your teacher. She is a retired teacher so she has plenty of experience. Kathy loves to knit quick things like hats, scarves and cowls because she loves that instant gratification! She loves to be at the shop surrounded by all the beautiful yarns, colors and textures. She is also the one who keeps the book section so neatly organized!

J'Ann Wright
J’Ann says she loves to come to the shop because it is the perfect marriage of people and luscious fibers. Our customers share terrific ideas and she loves to help them find just the right fiber and project. Right now J’Ann has a summer sweater on her needles and it happens to be one of her all time favorite projects. Pop into the shop and have her show you!

Donna Sanders
Donna teaches most of the Beginning Crochet classes. Donna has been knitting since she was a teen. Some of her more memorable projects were things she made for her children. Donna takes care of entering all the products into our computer system, a very tedious job. She loves the shop because it helps feed her passion for knitting. She loves how the staff feels like a family. She especially loves seeing all of you come in the door with your latest projects.

Michelle Richardson

Michelle has always been crafty and sews thanks to her talented mom, but picked up crochet one summer while suffering from a bad foot injury.  She loves amigurumi projects, though new to the skill.  She can see a larger spectrum of colors than most people; her favorite part of any project is choosing a color scheme.  Michelle is also a "behind the scenes" employee.

Brenda Gibbs
Brenda is a quilter, but works behind the scenes at The Stitchin' Den.  Most of her time is spent working on keeping the website up to date.  She is inspired by her visits to the shop, and one of her New Year resolutions is to learn how to knit in 2017.

Cathy Goodale
Cathy's bio coming soon...