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Woodland Stream

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Longs Peak-Bear Lake/Autumn

Hummingbirds III

Fall Colors II

More Hummingbirds

Colorado Band Sampler

Winter Evergreen

Rocky Mountain Scenes II

Steller's Jay

Grand Lake

Mountain Iris

View from the Deck

Mountain Bluebird

Sprague Lake

Fall - The Bugler

Wildflowers II

Mountain Home

Part of my Heart

Chapel at St. Malo

Western Hummingbirds

Flatirons at Dawn

Winter Solitude

Fort Collins


Spring Little Fawn

Winter Moonlight

Winter Mountain Scenes

Yucca & Ocotillo

The Stitchin' Den




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Winter Solitude

Rocky Mountain Scenes

Longs Peak

Sunset at the Cabin

About Fireside Originals...

Fireside Originals began in 1982. The original designer and owner was Rosemary McAllister, who lived in Estes Park, Colorado.  Most of the Fireside designs reflect a deep love of the land in their magnificent depictions of scenery, plants and animals. In January 2013, Carol Grant purchased the company.  While adding to these scenic designs, Carol is adding some new lines to the collection with pieces she has designed and used in her shop, located in Columbus, OH. 

Carol  has been stitching since about 1979 when her youngest sister, Sally, first discovered counted cross stitch and taught her and her mother. She was in college at the time and found it a wonderful and relaxing way to unwind. She continued to love to stitch through her teaching years and through grad school

(she has a PhD in Art History). Not long after she got her degree the opportunity came about to purchase a local needlework shop in Columbus, Ohio, which she did with her business partner of 18 years, Jennie Stokley. 

Blue Throated Hummingbird

Wildflower Summer

Indian Paintbrush

The Stanley Hotel

Four Seasons

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Wildflowers III

A View from the Valley

Summer Aspen

The Old Mill